Ben Stein | Brexit Was Sparked by Rape and Crime

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Ben Stein (200x220)Brexit Was Sparked by Rape and Crime

Ben Stein | June 25, 2016

The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” So supposedly said the Iron Duke of Wellington, referring, of course to the crushing defeat of Napoleon by the Allies on an 1815 Belgian battlefield […]

“The Battle of Brexit, Britain, and Brussels was lost by Europe on the playing fields and in the alleys and immigrant housing of the British town of Rotherham.” There, over a period of twenty years, over 1,000 British girls were assaulted, raped, held captive, gang raped by Muslim immigrants to the UK, especially from Middle Eastern countries and Pakistan. It was a stupendous scandal, apparently duplicated all over Britain on a greater or lesser scale.

It has also been duplicated and then some in Sweden. In the wake of a decision about ten years ago that allowed about 1.5 million Middle Easterners and Somalis into Sweden, Stockholm’s rape rate has gone up by a factor of about fifteen. Most of it has come from these immigrants and their sons.

Not all, but a lot of white and Asian Europeans are sick of it. They don’t want any more immigrants. They’re done with Political Correctness. They’re sick of taking in refugees and seeing their good deeds go paid with rape.

[…] Britain does not yet allow unlimited Muslim movement into the Sceptered Isle as Germany did for a time […]. The voters of the UK saw what a much smaller number of immigrants could do in the way of terrorizing their females and their towns. They don’t want to be part of an EU that willfully brings such people into the UK.

[…] It wasn’t about tariffs or orders from Brussels about rotation of crops. It was about violence and specifically rape.

[…] It wasn’t economics. It was crime that was the motivator.

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