Breitbart | Milo’s Tough Love: Gays Should Seek Solutions Not Coddling After Orlando

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June 17, 2016

Gay LGBT dont-tread-on-meMilo’s Tough Love: Gays Should Seek Solutions Not Coddling After Orlando

“This is the worst thing about being gay in America” said Milo. “Ungrateful other gay people, these whiny people who expect everybody to pander to their feelings all the time.”

Milo went on to defend the record of Conservatism in looking out for gay people. “It is conservatives who have been standing up for western, liberal, democratic, capitalistic society, the free society that has given gays freedom, that has given women the vote. Minorities have been enabled by nothing more than the first and second amendment that conservatives defend.”

“I don’t know how many conservatives he knows outside of this Log Cabin thing … My god, these Log Cabin [Republicans] … They’re so whiny! I don’t know how many he knows, but I went down to Orlando and Billy Graham’s people asked to pray for me, and I was happy to do that, very gratified by that. Conservatives are hugely compassionate!”

“And by the way, the presumptive Republican nominee right now is probably the most pro-gay rights Republican in the history of the party and he’s running for office. What more do you want? Trump is massively pro-women, massively pro-gays, he’s got a huge cult gay following.”

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