Charlie Daniels | The Massacre in Orlando Is a Harbinger of Things to Come

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Charlie Daniels | June 14, 2016

The unprecedented tragedy that took place at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida over the weekend will play out in hyperbole and journalistic spin in the next few weeks, as America tries to figure out what happened and how best to prevent it again.

I’m sure the fact that it took place in a gay club will be dissected and exploited, and in some cases, put forth as the prime motive for Omar Mateen’s demonic rampage, his homophobia supposedly pushing him over the edge.

The main point mustn’t be missed here; the major motivating factor behind the attack is that gay or straight, they were Americans. It could have been a synagogue, a Christian church, a beauty pageant or any number of gatherings that sets off the bells and whistles in a radical Muslim’s hate-filled psyche.

Because when you start numbering the dislikes and phobias radical Islam holds against America, collectively they roundly condemn the whole American way of life and question our very right to exist on the same planet as them.

Unfortunately, the massacre in Orlando is a harbinger of things to come […]


Our president and his gaggle of cloistered eggheads are still trying to hold on to the premise that calling the terrorists what they are, radical Islamic terrorists, would insult the world’s Muslim population, or at least that’s what they claim.

Whatever the reason, this president has a soft spot with anything to do with Islam and has refused to take the necessary steps to rid the world of this vermin overseas and at home.

He allows porous borders, sanctuary cities, turns the world’s most murderous terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay to return to the battlefield, and he refuses to allow even the tacit profiling of the kind of people most likely to kill Americans. (Read More)


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