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May 28, 2016

Obama Tight LipsThe Obama Disconnect

Earlier this week, while holding a press conference in Ise-Shima Japan, Barack Obama took another opportunity to give his take on the Donald Trump candidacy, something that’s become all too commonplace of late. “They are paying very close attention to this election, I think it’s fair to say that they’re surprised by the Republican Nominee” Obama stated, while speaking as to how world leaders view Donald Trump’s surge to the top of the Republican ticket. This is of course not particularly surprising, considering the majority of Americans seemed surprised by Trump’s dominance over the established Republican candidates. Both parties, Democrat and Republican, have underestimated Trump’s self marketing skills, political knowledge and connection with a huge portion of the American electorate from the outset, and evidently this applies to leaders throughout the world as well. Obama himself has stated on numerous occasions that Trump will not be President, following a long list of media members and established politicians who have made similar declarations for months, and by extension insulting all of Trump’s loyal supporters in the process.

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