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A Positive, Pivotal Moment: Inside Donald Trump’s Evangelical Meeting

David Brody | June 21, 2016

The Brody File was inside Donald Trump’s private meeting with hundreds of evangelical leaders in New York City Tuesday where he discussed the topics of religious liberty, Israel, the Supreme Court, the controversial Johnson Amendment and yes, even the importance of going to church at an early age. More details on all of that are below. How did it go? Well, put it this way: Trump got two standing ovations (one when he came out and one when he left) and he didn’t make any gaffes at all. After talking to many in the room […], they told me they were more comfortable with Trump as the nominee. They realize he’s not perfect but they also know that a Hillary Clinton administration is a far worse alternative. They also told me that they appreciated the fact that Trump appeared before them for nearly two hours. Showing up and making a solid effort impressed them.


During the meeting, Trump was asked by Dr. James Dobson about what steps his administration would take to protect religious liberty. Trump mentioned how he would appoint, “great Supreme Court justices.” He then said he wanted to get rid of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which forbids tax-exempt organizations like churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates.


One theme that Trump kept bringing up is the fact that Christianity in America is under attack. “Government has gotten so involved in your religion,” Trump said. He made the case that evangelicals need to rise to the occasion because their rights are under attack. “You have such power and influence…(but) if you don’t band together, you’re really not that powerful.” That line was met with strong applause.

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