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Hillary Clinton - I love Islam (200x200)Hillary’s Islamophilia

George Neumayr | June 15, 2016

After the bloodiest mass shooting in American history, Hillary Clinton commented that she is “happy to say” either “radical jihadism or radical Islamism” caused it. Her use of the phrase “radical jihadism” is curious. Does a non-radical jihadism exist in her mind? […]

Her use of “radical Islamism” instead of “radical Islam” is also telling. Sticking “ism” at the end of Islam evidently makes it less of a criticism of the religion in her mind. The apologists for Islam in the George W. Bush administration used to play that game too, calling anything bad in Islamic countries “Islamism,” to make it sound as if it was coming not from the Koran and Hadith but from an off-the-wall ideological accretion on an otherwise blameless religion.

Hillary never tiptoes around Christianity so sensitively. She has spoken often of her frank fear of the “religious right.” Where Islam deserves in her mind a generous interpretation, Christianity merits a stern one. She and her supporters frequently talk about Christians as a threat to “progress.” When they opposed gay marriage during California’s Proposition 8 fight, Clinton supporter Tom Hanks called them “un-American.” When Christians opposed Hillary’s “reproductive agenda” as head of the State Department, she pouted that “religious beliefs and structural biases have to change.” The promotion of the LGBT agenda globally was a “priority” of her tenure, she said, taking pride in instructing diplomats to “raise concerns about specific cases and laws.” But the Islamic world was exempt from this campaign. While she lobbied Christian countries in Africa to liberalize their laws, she fell silent during her trips to the Middle East. (Read More)


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*** Islamophilia

  1. Love or admiration of (the values of) Islam or of Islamic civilization. (Wiktionary)



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