Gov. Palin: ‘We Shall Overcome’ Media Tactics


Saturday, Via Facebook:

Governor Palin commented on the media’s lack of reaction on the violent leftist thugs who attacked Trump supporters in San Jose recently.  She said:

Infuriatingly, Disgustingly, All-Too-Predictable MSM Doing What It Does Best.
But We Shall Overcome!

She then linked to an article at conservativetreehouse

Last evening in San Jose California a violent mob of  several hundred were allowed by the San Jose Police Department and Democrat San Jose Mayor to attack Donald Trump supporters as they were leaving the rally venue.

Now, I strongly welcome anyone to challenge the wording emphasized in the above paragraph because what you are about to see is clear evidence the local San Jose authorities ALLOWED this violence/terrorist activity  to occur.

San Jose is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Remember, all of these videos took place within sight of the San Jose police department, the police officers therein, and the San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia.  According to his own statements, Chief Garcia spent two full days preparing his officers and leadership for the event. He was right there on scene, at the mobile command center.  Garcia watch this all as it took place.

There is much more here.

Infuriating, indeed.


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