Governor Palin Busts Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the Anti-Trump Donor Class

June 13th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Governor Palin spoke with Patriot Radio host Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM in the wake of the terror attack in Orlando, Florida

Sarah Palin - Sirius XM Patriot Radio

“We are not going to win a war .. and this is a war .. until we acknowledge the enemy.”

“What is the magic number of innocent lives lost before our leadership will wake up and deal with the problem that we have here.”

“We’re dealing with a deadly, evil ideology that’s embraced by those who live a lie .. they love death more than life.”

“They will continue to prey upon our leaders’ naivete, their political correctness, their stupidity, and unfortunately the innocent American citizen will be the victim.”

Bannon asked the Governor about Paul Ryan’s recent criticisms of Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, specifically referring to the Speaker’s statement that, “These aren’t American values.” Palin responded that, “Paul Ryan has lost touch with his constituents. With those who put their faith in him,” saying that Ryan has not governed as he promised. “Certainly he did not campaign as a lapdog” of President Obama, “but that is what he has turned into” Palin said in reference to Ryan’s successful efforts to fully fund Obama’s agenda, including plans to import Muslim ‘refugees’.

“Donald Trump was right,” Palin said, “when he warned the citizenry that we need to vet who it is that would be coming into our country. It’s ‘we the people’ who are going to have to educate one another, do our own homework, be vigilant, and then we circle the wagons. That is how we will survive.”

Questioned about Mitt Romney’s obstructionist efforts to derail Trump’s candidacy, Governor Palin took that opportunity to criticize Romney’s “strange tactic” to ridicule and mock Trump supporters.

Palin said she was “amazed” that Mitt Romney was so “out of touch” with the voter base. “He and his ilk .. it comes down to money, it comes down to their power.”

“In many cases the RINOs, the establishment, the permanent political class, they don’t care who wins an election” so long as they protect their power base. “That is their motivation.” Palin said. “To them, politics is a business.”

While Romney and the donor class are only in it for “self protection and financial gain”, the rest of us “just want the best for this exceptional nation. We do want it to be great again, and that is why so many of us jumped on the Trump train.”

Asked if Romney is “pulling for Hillary Clinton”, Palin flatly stated “that is exactly what he is doing.”  Romney doesn’t “care about the little guy.”

“That’s what’s so refreshing about Trump”, Palin said. “He’s like this blue collar billionaire in touch with the people. That’s why you see this great momentum.”


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