InJo | Five Ways an Innocent American Could End Up on Obama’s Secret Gun Control List

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Barack Obama - Secret (200x200)Five Ways an Innocent American Could End Up on Obama’s Secret Gun Control List

June 16, 2016

President Obama and top congressional Democrats want to forbid people on the “no-fly” list from buying guns, and they’re pushing the issue again after the terrorist attack in Orlando.

Democrats have had difficulty explaining the proposal, which has issues when it comes to due process:

People don’t know they’re on the list until they’re blocked from flying, and it’s very difficult to get off the list, even if you’re innocent. In addition, the way that people are on the list means they aren’t able to challenge their status.

But there are many ways that an innocent American can end up on the no-fly list, and according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), […]

Here are five of the ways one could be grounded — and potentially have their right to purchase a gun revoked.

1. Posting things the government doesn’t like onto social media.

Tweeting and posting to Facebook could contribute to getting oneself landed on the no-fly list. […]

2. Someone thinks that you are a terrorist — or maybe just does not like you.

If a fellow American so chooses, that individual can submit names they deem to be suspicious, which the federal government must consider […]

3. The government made a mistake.

The federal government is not perfect, and can often make mistakes. […]

4. You have the same name as a potential terrorist.

When an individual is on the no-fly list and their name is rather common, it can result in confusion for an otherwise technology-challenged federal government. […]

5. Traveling the globe.

If an American likes to travel to exotic locations, they too can be placed on the no-fly list. […]

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