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Donald Trump - abortion (200x200)Donald Trump to Meet With Top Pro-Life Leaders During Private Summit

June 17, 2016

Since he’s become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, pro-life voters are starting to move in Donald Trump’s direction — especially knowing the alternative is abortion activist Hillary Clinton. But many pro-life voters and some pro-life leaders remain skeptical about supporting Trump given some of his misstatements and past support for abortion.

To gain a better understanding and insight on his abortion views and to potentially be able to endorse his candidacy, a group of top pro-life leaders plan to meet with Trump this month. On Tuesday, June 21, national Christian conservative leaders will gather in New York City for a private summit with the businessman to meet with him regarding issues of importance to the pro-life community.


“After seven long years of pro-abortion policies and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars poured into Planned Parenthood’s coffers, it is critical for Mr. Trump to understand the positive impact a pro-life president can make to save lives,” said [Ohio Right to Life President] Mike Gonidakis. “Ohio is the key battleground state and engaging our state’s social conservatives must be priority number one for Trump to win Ohio.”

Gonidakis told that the goal of the meeting is to seek unity by allowing pro-life leaders and Trump to learn more about each other. The group will not be making any joint or collective endorsements, decisions or statements.

“As we consider the candidacy of radical pro-abortion nominee Hillary Clinton, the pro-life community is looking for assurance that they have a pro-life alternative,” said Gonidakis. “Human lives hang in the balance. (Read More)


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