Marc Langsam “The Photography Czar”: Governor @SarahPalinUSA At Politicon

“Republicans against Trump; or RAT for short” – Governor Palin Politicon 2016

NOTE: Special thank you to California’s very own Photography Czar, Marc Langsam, for these fantastic pics of Governor Sarah Palin at Politicon 2016 in Pasadena last weekend. Be sure to check out Marc’s deets at the bottom of this post. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Marc’s work in this election cycle. The Photography Czar is well-known here, in our once Golden State, for documenting political activism in California. Marc is an inspiration to us all. Marc is especially an inspiration to Californians who KNOW (and some of us who know how to do it) REAGAN COUNTRY WILL RISE AGAIN! Thanks again Marc.

Politicon GSP I

“If you don’t have borders you don’t have a country” – Governor Palin Politicon 2016

Politicon GSP II

“In my political life when people feed me bull I reject it” – Governor Palin Politicon 2016

Politicon GSP III

“I’ve always had to buck my own Party” – Governor Palin Politicon 2016

Politicon GSP IV

“It’s about the PEOPLE, stupid” – Governor Palin Politicon 2016

Politicon GSP VI

“You are THE most connected person to the GOP base – James Carville Politicon 2016

Politicon GSP

Be sure to check out Marc Langsam The Photography Czar website HERE

About California’s Photography Czar:

My name is Marc Langsam . I’m an automotive photographer by day, activist  by night, and this is my blog. I live in Ventura County, California.

The world is made up of lines and curves. Look closely and you can see beautiful lines and curves in classic automobiles, architecture, machines and even people!

I also have a need to document people and events that the mainstream media will either distort, demonize or not bother with. These photographs I leave to history.

BONUS: Marc The Photography Czar works with RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA. Check out some of the inspirational moments of activism Marc’s documented in California HERE.

BONUS #2 HINT: About my, “some of us who know how to” make REAGAN COUNTRY RISE AGAIN comment at the beginning of this post. The dirty-little-secret about California politics (dirty for the bad guys), is that all of California’s counties are RED. Only our densely populated urban cities are BLUE. There are more people in the counties than in the cities. We can surround them. Unfortunately, voters in California’s RED counties haven’t had someone to vote for, in a very long time, only someone to vote against. The result? They don’t vote. What if someone explained what’s been going on? What if someone got the discouraged California voters to the polls on election day? What if someone simply showed an electoral/population map of California to the defeated voters in our RED counties? What if these voters had someone to vote for, instead of only someone to vote against, on election day? Have I said too much already? Shhhhh (for now).

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