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Gorilla (200x200)The Gorilla in the Room

Melissa Clouthier | May 31, 2016

America has lost more than a gorilla.

Whilst spending time in quiet contemplation, considering the ways in which young American men and women gave their lives for their fellow man and their country, our nation reeled from a new tragedy: a gorilla died. A big, sweet, innocent silverback was shot in cold blood by heartless zookeepers intent on preserving the life of the oppressor. Even now, one can hear the lamentations for this gentle giant’s sacrifice.

Will America recover from her loss? One doubts it.

This once-noble country has fallen into a moral abyss where a gorilla’s life matters more than a child’s and a parent’s worthiness is judged via sanctimonious Facebook post.

These truths used to be self-evident:

  • Toddler boys are wily creatures who can escape the most attentive mother’s eyes (see also Roo, Kanga).
  • Animals can be innocent and wholly natural while being deadly dangerous without meaning to be so.
  • Adults have to make difficult choices and sometimes must harm something dear to save something even more important.

Reading the self-righteous rants condemning the terrified mother of this child, one wonders whether the judgers have children. Have they never had a child shove popcorn kernels up his nose, or his head through a banister, or placed his body on a fire ant hill or under a bees nest, or yank away his hand in a parking lot? (This is just one child, by the way.) Parenting is an endless heart attack wrapped in a stroke and tied up in a bow of gray hair.


Yet, society must blame the mother. Blaming isn’t enough. The village must ruin her. She must be burned at the stake of parenting perfection to demonstrate the blood-lusting crowds’ superiority. (Read More)


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