Monica Crowley | The British people have sent a clear message: FREEDOM, BABY

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The British people have sent a clear message: they want out of the bureaucratic nightmare known as the European Union. They want their independence back. They want their economic liberty back. They want their national sovereignty restored. They want to break the chains of the stultifying bureaucracy of Brussels. They want to be Britain again. They want their freedom.

This should be a five-alarm wake-up call to global elites around the world. Free people are hitting the breaking point: they are rejecting the destructive leftist one-world approach in favor of economic and political independence, cultural restoration and pride, enforced borders and controlled immigration.

They want their once-great nations to be great again. (Sound familiar?)

The Brexit vote is a wholesale rejection of globalism and the powerful elites who run it. This seismic shift, which has already given rise to Republican nominee Donald Trump, will continue to rock the world, particularly in the U.S. This is exceedingly bad news for Mrs. Clinton, who represents the pinnacle of insider global elitism. In this environment, the Democrats literally could not run a worse candidate.

Mr. Trump has been in front of this curve since he announced his candidacy one year ago. Enforced borders and immigration controls, reversing destructive trade deals, economic nationalism, protecting and advancing America’s national interests.

These are the issues that got him to the Republican nomination. And they may very well win him the presidency.

The desire for the restoration of freedom and independence is a powerful force. The British people just realized that the ultimate power to achieve it rests with them. They have exercised it.

Next up: the American people.

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