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Republican Healthcare (200x200)House Republicans Unveil Obamacare Replacement

June 22, 2016

House Republicans on Wednesday are set to unveil a proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with new healthcare policies aimed at reducing government regulation and lowering costs.

The plan focuses first on repealing the ACA, popularly called Obamacare, including the employer and individual healthcare mandates, a goal Republicans have repeatedly attempted for six years, without success. It then includes a wealth of reforms, including giving individuals and states more flexibility on healthcare plans; providing tax credits to keep healthcare affordable; allowing coverage across state lines; giving states flexibility with Medicaid funding; and creating private options for Medicare patients, among other policies.

It’s the fifth policy proposal Speaker Paul Ryan and his colleagues have introduced this month – and perhaps the most anticipated given that the House has voted dozens of times to repeal the ACA but has struggled to coalesce around a comprehensive replacement. Previous proposals released this month focused on poverty, national security, federal regulations and constitutional authority.


The 37-page report lays out a number of reforms to different aspects of healthcare policy and advocates for “consumer-directed healthcare.” The proposal includes increasing use of health savings accounts, which are tax-free savings to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs. It offers a tax credit to those who don’t have insurance through their employer or government programs, and while it doesn’t specify the size of that tax credit, it suggests it would be large enough to “purchase the typical pre-Obamacare health insurance plan.”

The plan also pushes for allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and allows small businesses to pool together to sell cheaper health plans to employees. (Read More)


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