Rep. Marsha Blackburn | Stand with Trump on Temporary Muslim Migration Pause

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Marsha Blackburn (200x200)Rep. Marsha Blackburn Stands With Donald Trump on ‘Common Sense’ Temporary Muslim Migration Pause

Rep. Marsha Blackburn | June 14, 2016

The terrorist attack in Orlando that ended 49 lives is another reminder of the threat we face from Radical Islam. There is a deadly element of Islam spreading like a cancer throughout our country and we must unite to confront it.

Democrats’ bludgeoning of Americans with political correctness has weakened our resolve. Their hesitation to confront Radical Islam, or even utter the term, has emboldened the jihadists – and not for the first time.


Under the Obama presidency we have endured attacks on Ft. Hood, Benghazi, Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, and now Orlando. In 2009, President Obama referred to the massacre at Ft. Hood that killed 13 Americans as “workplace violence”. Benghazi was blamed on a “YouTube” video. At every turn, President Obama and Hillary Clinton have been soft on terror and refused to utter the words “Radical Islam” as the jihadist death march against America continues. President Obama even naively referred to the Islamic State as a “JV team”. Incredibly, he and Hillary Clinton are now calling for increasing Syrian refugees to America despite known ISIS pledges to exploit the program and universal agreement that we cannot vet these individuals – how delusional.


Donald Trump has promised to use every tool at our disposal to go after Radical Islam. He speaks to Americans with unequivocal clarity at a time when clarity is required. Americans know that Mr. Trump is right when he says we must “now get very tough, very smart and very vigilant.” His plan to temporarily suspend immigration from areas with a “proven history of terrorism” could not be any more common sense.


We need a decisive leader who will act in the best interests of this country to keep Americans safe. We need Donald Trump.


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