Sarah Palin at Politicon • Photos, Photos, and more Photos

Governor Sarah Palin was a featured guest at this years Politicon event in Pasadena, California.

C4P has a round-up of photo’s

Also available onsite is full video of Governor Palin’s two sessions:

Sarah Palin: “Your Garden Variety Everyday Pissed Off American”

Sarah Palin & James Carville together at Politicon


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In the hot seat with moderator James Carville at Politicon today (the convention is like comiccon minus the costumes… though I consider politicos’ bowties as costumes). I love a challenge when sharing diverse worldviews – which Clinton’s former chief strategist and I certainly pressed into on the stage today! Disagreements on the 2nd Amendment were pretty fierce (I’m a fan, not a dimwit opponent of that most important right); as were par-for-the-course false suggestions of racism. Liberals didn’t change my mind one iota, and I’m sure they weren’t swayed by me, but our civil discourse reflected the general passion both sides feel as we vet our next President. I respect Carville’s politically encyclopedic mind. (Though I insist he’s dead wrong on who’s fit to serve as America’s next Commander in Chief.)

At least is was a blast catching up, sharing laughs with my buddy and former Fox colleague, Sally Kohn (now with CNN); laughing backstage with “Cheers” John Ratzenberger (I’m the biggest Cliff Clavin fan!); and was floored with how pretty Roseanne Barr looks as she graciously shared with me her concerns for our country’s challenges.

It was an interesting day “entertaining democracy” in beautiful Pasadena. Thank you to all the tremendous law enforcement personnel there for protecting our First Amendment rights!

Sarah Palin



Sarah Palin speaks at Politicon in Pasadena • photo courtesy David Crane


screencap courtesy SoCal Live It Live



screencap courtesy SoCal Live It Live


photo courtesy @Natooshka318




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Big crowd for James Carville convo with Sarah Palin • photo courtesy @jackschaedel


James Carville and Sarah Palin at Politicon • photo courtesy David Crane


James Carville questions Sarah Palin at Politicon • photo courtesy David Crane



At Politicon with John Ratzenberger • photo courtesy Sarah Palin


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At Politicon with Roseanne Barr • photo courtesy Sarah Palin





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