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June 27th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

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Sarah Palin made the case for Donald Trump at the Politicon event in Pasadena, California with a speech billed as, “Your Garden Variety Everyday Pissed Off American”.

Governor Palin succinctly explained how a gathering movement of disaffected voters have made Donald Trump their nominee. She asked rhetorically, “So why is Trump winning?”  The answer is obvious she said, “Voters are really sick and tired of betrayal. Politicians now campaign one way and govern another.” The people have said “enough” to a status quo that has failed to represent them.

She offered a small insight into Trump’s resonance with voters by way of quoting a bumper sticker that her own Dad displays on his truck, “I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m an American. And I want my country back.”

Pointing toward issues that broken government has been unable to address, Palin suggested that voters sought a “revolutionary” candidate who was:

  1. Not selected by the media
  2. Not part of the problem
  3. Had a record of success
  4. Had nothing to lose
  5. Was beholden to no one
  6. Not cuffed by the politically correct police
  7. Would say what we need to hear

“Thinking Americans” watched Donald Trump “rip the veil off a rigged system that has betrayed your average, everyday, garden variety, ticked off American.”

Palin explained that Trump’s understanding of how both sides of the political aisle operate and his “outsider status”, allowed him to become the “standard bearer for a grassroots, populist movement.”

“Like a golden wrecking ball, he shattered walls in the good old boys club. And he knocked the crap out of the intolerant, hypocritical PC police that dared stymie freedom of speech with intimidation with their false accusations of racism just to stop debate.”

Speaking to a mixed audience of conservatives and liberals, Palin suggested to applause that overwhelmed the groans, that Trump hold his rallies at construction sites. “You know protesters are not going to show up at a job site.”

Palin took on the anti-Trump media, and establishment Republicans hostile to Trump’s candidacy.

Trump has exposed the “establishment’s con game”

Zeroing in on “conservatives” who “bent over” enabling the Obama agenda, Palin berated those within the GOP who identify as #NeverTrump saying that she preferred a different moniker, “Republicans Against Trump … or RAT, for short.”


Governor Palin had much, much more to say.

Watch the full 23 minute speech (audio improves after 3 minutes):


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