Todd Starnes | San Jose welcomes illegal immigrants but not Trump supporters

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Todd Starnes (200x200)San Jose welcomes illegal immigrants but not Trump supporters

Todd Starnes | June 3, 2016

San Jose is supposed to be a sanctuary city. Illegal aliens are welcome – but Donald Trump and his supporters are not.

A violent crowd of mostly Spanish-speaking thugs, waving Mexican flags brutally attacked Americans in San Jose Thursday night.

They targeted supporters of Mr. Trump – leaving them bloodied and battered. One guy was sucker-punched. Another was smashed in the face. A woman was pelted with bottles and eggs.

CBS in San Francisco reported that “another young man was chased down like prey. He ran until finding some police officers who stopped his attackers.”

ABC News reports the rioters smashed the taillights of a car. The vicious mob even turned their wrath on police – attacking them with whatever they could find.

They also burned the American flag. They burned Old Glory – on American soil. But they did not burn the Mexican flag.

Anti-American bastards.

If they love Mexico so much — perhaps they should pack their belongings and head to the border.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo responded to the violence by criticizing Mr. Trump.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” he told the Associated Press.

Mr. Liccardo is a Democrat. He is also a moron.

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