Tomi Lahren: The Koran Doesn’t Radicalize Guns, It Radicalizes Terrorists

June 14th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


“One thing is at the core of it all, and it’s Islam”




“President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Muslim apologists are still rather unclear what ideology .. what religion, young Omar slaughtered in the name of.”

“Yet ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, any of the other dozen terrorist offshoots, and even Omar himself are quite definitive.”




“I am at my wits end with these Muslim apologists lecturing the rest of us about our guns.”

“The notion that taking them away from law-abiding Americans will solve Islamic radical terrorism has got to be the most shortsighted, ignorant thing I have ever heard.”

“The Koran doesn’t radicalize guns, it radicalizes terrorists.”

Tomi Lahren




“Another radical Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. soil. You bet I have some final thoughts”




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