#TRUMP2016: West Hollywood Sends @HillaryClinton To The Back Of The Bus

West Hollywood City Hall Shoot Back

On Tuesday night something happened in West Hollywood. Something really great happened. On Tuesday night, the UN-American gun control policies of Hillary Clinton were rejected. Big time.

West Hollywood PDC Shoot back

Wednesday morning, citizens of West Hollywood awoke to find posters of the Gadsden Flag plastered around town. But this was no ordinary Gadsden Flag. This version of the Gadsden Flag had been tweaked a bit. Just a little bit. The flag had been sprinkled with pixie dust. This version of the Gadsden Flag had the hashtag #shootback added to it, along with a rainbow back drop.

West Hollywood couple

Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton blamed guns, hate, and islamophobia for the recent terrorist attack on American soil. This crooked, and shockingly stupid, woman is using the terrorist attack to call for more gun control. Guns aren’t the problem. Hillary Clinton is the problem.

West Hollywood Abbey

Across the country, Gay-Americans have realized that Clinton is using them. Now, Hillary has a choice. Crooked Hillary has a choice between Gay-Americans, Radical-Islam, and Gun-Control. There is only one correct choice. Choose wisely, stupid woman.

West Hollywood bike

Something is terribly wrong in America. Something is terribly wrong in America when Hillary Clinton is hell-bent on bending over backwards so far that she can kiss her own butt; in order to not offend the terrorists who want to kill all Americans.

West Hollywood close up

Something is terribly wrong in America when Hillary thinks banning an inanimate object, like guns, is the solution to Islamic terrorism. Something is terribly wrong in America when Crooked Hillary thinks that the signs that say: Gun Free Zone will make bad people turn around and go home. Something is terribly wrong in America when after a terrorist attack Hillary thinks we should punish the gun manufactures more than the evil people who committed the horrific crime.

There is only one candidate who will protect all Americans.

BONUS: It’s not her.

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