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Donald Trump - Winning (200x200)Trumpism Is Winning — Now We’ll Have to See About Donald Trump Himself

Virgil | June 15, 2016

A new poll makes clear: Donald Trump can win this election if he keeps hammering on the anvil. That is, hammering with the same hammer, on the same anvil, for the next five months. The anvil, of course, is the basic issue of homeland security, and the hammer is the action needed to keep the country safe.

The latest Reuters poll asks, “Agree/Disagree: The United States should temporarily stop all Muslims from entering the United States.”

Agree is 50, Disagree is 42. In other words, Trump now has the benefit of an eight-point advantage on the central question of Muslim entry into the U.S. — a question made even more central in the wake of the Orlando mass-murder.

In politics, there’s a time for creativity and poetry and spontaneity, but more often that not, politics is akin to warfare — you win by slugging it out. That is, it’s a simple question of ordnance: Which side can put more firepower toward the other side, thereby doing the most damage?

Okay, that’s a boring, to say nothing of bloody, way of looking at the situation. But the end goal, victory, is not boring. And that Reuters poll tantalizes us: If Trump can stay focused on the single issue of Muslim immigration for the next five months — do you want more Syrian refugees, and potentially more Omar Mateens, coming in the country or not? — he will not only win but win handily. That is, if — and once again, it’s necessary to stipulate the “if” — he can focus on that pressure point, he will win. The American people are with him on that key issue, and so now he must rally them to that issue. He must put the question bluntly: Which side are you? It’s that simple. (Read More)


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