Brendan Kirby | Trump’s Path to Victory Runs Through China

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Donald Trump - China (200x200)Trump’s Path to Victory Runs Through China

Brendan Kirby | July 18, 2016

Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania governor and major Hillary Clinton surrogate, is no Donald Trump fan, but he acknowledged the presumptive Republican nominee for president has tapped into populist anger about trade.

“He’s right about China,” Rendell told Sirius XM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show” last week. “We have, for some reason, not stood up to China, and we’ve allowed them to manipulate their currency, which gives their businesses tremendous advantages in selling to America.”

There is, perhaps, no other issue with as much potential to peel away Democratic-leaning voters from the former secretary of state.

“Trump, Rendell, Bernie Sanders — everybody seems to get it but Hillary,” China expert Peter Navarro told LifeZette. “It’s going to be a defining issue in the election.”

A slew of polls over the last couple of years suggests that Americans remain hostile to international trade deals in general — and suspicious of China in particular.

A March survey conducted by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell found that by a margin of 66 percent to 13 percent, Americans believe China is actively trying to undermine the United States to advance its own economic and national interests.

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