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Brian C. Joondeph (200x200)Trump’s Speech: Optimistic, Not Dark

Brian C. Joondeph | July 25, 2016

The Republican Convention last week was certainly not boring, from Melania Trump’s speech borrowing a few phrases from Michelle Obama’s speech eight years ago to Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump followed by a chorus of boos. Eloquent and inspiring words from the Trump wunderkind. Finally, a strong and optimistic speech by Donald Trump after accepting the nomination of his party.

Big media, now solidly in Clinton campaign mode, tried to find fault with everything about the GOP convention. The Washington Post predictably called it “The GOP’s convention of chaos.” With choreography on par with Olympic synchronized swimming, other media outlets all had the same word for the convention: “Dark.” If there was any skepticism about big media working in lockstep, this will dispel any doubt.

From the New York Times, “His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle.” Same from The New Yorker: “Donald Trump’s Dark, Dark Convention Speech.” The Washington Post headlined, “Donald Trump’s dark speech to the Republican National Convention.” TV, too, as CBS News proclaimed, “Donald Trump offers dark vision of America in GOP convention speech.” Ditto across the pond where The Telegraph wrote, “Donald Trump paints dark vision of America.” And plenty more elsewhere.

One man’s “dark” may be another man’s “optimism.” CNN commissioned a snap poll the night of Trump’s speech. To their surprise, they found that “[t]hree-quarters of Americans felt ‘positive’ about Donald Trump’s convention speech.” Positive is another word for optimistic. Only 24 percent of Americans said the speech had a negative effect on them, synonymous for dark.

Donald Trump’s campaign from its inception over a year ago has been about optimism. (Read More)


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