Buzzfeed | Democratic Convention Chairman Ed Rendell: Trump Is Right On Trade And China

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Ed Rendell (200x200)Democratic Convention Host Chair Ed Rendell: Trump Is Right On Trade And China

July 13, 2016

Former Gov. Ed Rendell says Donald Trump’s message on trade is largely correct, but that his tone is sometimes wrong on the subject.

Rendell, who is the chair of the Democratic convention host committee, made the comments on SiriusXM radio’s The Dean Obeidallah Show.

“The interesting thing is, I talk about China and the fact that China took advantage of us in trade and cost Pennsylvania some significant jobs, […]” Rendell said


“You know all that Donald Trump says isn’t wrong,” continued Rendell […] “But he’s right about China. We have for some reason not stood up to China. We’ve allowed them to manipulate their currency, which gives their businesses tremendous advantage in selling to America. They came in here and tried to dump low-priced, subsidized steel pipe to get rid of the steel pipe industry in the U.S.”

Rendell said he fought hard against China dumping steel in his state, but they lost many jobs in the process. (Read More)


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