Dakota Meyer: Veterans Fight for America, Not for Hatred

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Veterans Fight for America, Not for Hatred

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Dakota Meyer | July 11, 2016

I want to make this clear: when Micah Johnson took his rifle into the heart of Dallas and murdered cops, it had nothing to do with the fact that he served in the United States Army.

The media pundits are desperate to cast Johnson as an anomaly, and something that we can all dismiss as unrelated to Black Lives Matter. To this end, they’ve now turned to the stereotype of the vet suffering from PTSD in the hopes that we’ll relax and say “so that explains it.”

This is not about PTSD. It is not about being kicked out of the army for stealing underwear. This is about a home-grown hate group empowering individuals who feel compelled to do-the-right-thing. This is group-think promoting revenge.

Black Lives Matter pays lip-service to peaceful protest, yet everywhere they go, there’s violence. Micah Johnson was the American equivalent of a suicide bomber. He knew he would die, and wanted to take as many cops with him as he could.

And now the media is wallowing in the aftermath. They’re spinning every police shooting that involves an African-America into a horrific tragedy that must have a Black Lives Matter protest response. And then they set up their cameras and broadcast the conflict. It’s a rating game.

I’m sick of it.


When I was overseas, I fought with African-Americans. I fought with Hispanics. I fought with Republicans and Democrats. I didn’t have to fight for them, because they were there beside me.

You know what we fought for? We fought for Americans. We didn’t break the definition down with hyphens and only fight for our ethnic or religious favorites.

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