Did FBI Suggest @HillaryClinton Is Too Stupid Or In Too Poor Health To Be President?

via US News:

FBI Director James Comey is suggesting that it’s possible Hillary Clinton may not have been able to identify classified markings on emails.

Comey’s investigation found that there were 113 emails that were sent or received by Clinton containing classified material, contradicting Clinton’s previous statements.

Comey says under questioning from a Republican lawmaker that they asked Clinton about three emails that bore “C” markings indicating that the documents are classified. He says there’s a question of whether Clinton was “sophisticated enough” to understand what the C markings meant.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows says a reasonable person would think someone who is the secretary of state would understand what that means. Meadows says after Clinton’s time in the Senate and at the State Department, “that’s hard to believe.”

My critics will argue that I have cherry-picked one segment of the FBI congressional testimony. Whatever. I did. I picked a very important, and telling, segment of the FBI congressional testimony.

The FBI Director told congress that there is a question of whether Hillary Clinton “was sophisticated enough” to understand what the “C” marking on a federal document means.

There are only two logical conclusions:

1). Hillary Clinton is stupid.

2). Hillary Clinton may have a serious health issue.

Normal Americans will get this right away. But, in the name of equality, let’s take a minute to look at this profound admission from the FBI. The explanation below is intended only for the stupid people.

Here we go.

Hillary Clinton is stupid: Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady, a former U.S. Senator, and a former Secretary of State; is too stupid to know that a “C” marked across a page means “Classified”.


Hillary Clinton may have a serious health issue: This possibility should make all Americans have serious doubts about the diminished capacity of Hillary Clinton. Any mentally stable person, who works with national security documents on a daily basis, understands that a document with a “C” splashed across it means that the document is classified. Is Hillary Clinton mentally unstable? Does Hillary Clinton have a health issue that causes diminished capacity?

The best case scenario for the aging politician, is that this is a health issue; and just the beginning of Hillary’s growing diminished capacity. Her doctor’s can write a prescription for that. The worst case scenario (for all Americans) is that Hillary Clinton is too stupid to be president of the united states.

Hillary stupid

So which is it? If I had to guess, I’d say both.




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