Donald Trump: Make America Safe Again

Donald Trump released the following video statement in the wake of the Dallas police shootings:


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Begin Transcript:

The shooting of the twelve police officers in Dallas, Texas has shaken the soul of our nation.

Just a few weeks ago, I met with many of the men and women in the Dallas police force during my visit to Texas. They’re not just police officers. They’re mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. And they’re all on my mind today. They’re on everybody’s mind.

A brutal attack on our police force, is an attack on our country, and an attack on our families. We must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. Every American has the right to live in safety and peace.

The deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota, also make clear how much more work we have to do to make every feel that their safety is protected.

Too many Americans are living in terrible poverty and violence. We need jobs, and we’re going to produce those jobs.

Racial divisions have gotten worse, not better. Too many headlines flash across our screens everyday about the rising crime, and rising death tolls in our cities.

Now is the time for prayers, love, unity, and leadership. Our children deserve a better future than what we’re making them live through today. But to get them there, we must work together, and stand together.

We will make America safe again.




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