Governor Sarah Palin • In-depth interview with Breitbart News Sunday

July 12th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Sarah Palin joined Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlowe for an in-depth interview on Breitbart News Sunday

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a stern and simple message for the mainstream media—stop spreading the false narrative that Black Lives Matter agitators are “peaceful.”


Palin emphasized that the Black Lives Matter agitators are “not protesters. These are thugs. They are rioters.”

“I’m calling out the media,” Palin said. “Quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful. They are stomping on the flag figuratively and literally. Shouting death to cops. Celebrating violence.”

She added that the mainstream media are helping Black Lives Matter agitators perpetuate a message that “evil people are thriving on right now as they try to intimidate and… warp malleable minds” into believing that “one race matters more than another.” (Breitbart)

Moving beyond the Governor’s thoughts on ‘Black Lives Matter”, Marlowe said that it was during the 2008 campaign that he first became aware that Palin was exposing the ‘permanent political class’ and their media alliances, but Palin said that recognizing corruption within government and its connection with media has always been “very clear” to her since she first ran for city council. “It’s just been a part of me and my political career all these years”, saying “It never occurred to me, even running for vice president that it was anything avant-garde or unconventional” in reference to her perceptions of media and politics.

Palin credited former aide Rebecca Mansour for first “opening her eyes” that the things she was saying about political chicanery was “unusual” for a politician.

She said that she sees similar attributes in Donald Trump, a candidate who is willing to “call it like he sees it.”

Marlowe asked why Palin chose Facebook as her political platform, noting that she was the first to employ the use of social media to communicate politically, rather than relying on traditional media outlets. “You went straight to the people”, he said. Palin answered, “Facebook to me was the only way that I could get a message out that was unfiltered”, being aware that “there was no way I was going to get a fair shake with the media.”

What is Sarah Palin looking for in Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick, Marlowe inquired. Perhaps splashing a bit of cold water on those still holding thoughts that she would re-enter the national stage as Trump’s running mate, Palin gave no indication that she saw herself as a potential VP pick, although she did advise that Trump select a running mate who wasn’t in any way a part of the establishment, “RINO machinery”, as that would only “turn off” the very voters that garnered him the nomination. A description that mirrors her own qualifications.

Saying that she still hasn’t yet gotten politics “out of her blood”, Palin repeated a phrase she has relied upon often since her days as Governor. “I do know that you can be very influential without an office, and without a title.”

She spoke of her current daily realities, “My real world, my life is really the antithesis I think of people who are primed, ready to jump in there and run for higher offices. I spent the day out mowing the lawn and scrubbing duck poop off the dock.” Referring directly to a second vice presidential bid, Palin said “If people only knew the real world that I’m in, they would probably think ‘no, she’s not gearing up for such a thing.'”

Ending the interview, Palin shared one last thought on the subject of a return to the electoral stage, “But always, in my heart, in my soul, keeping in mind that if there is ever an open door to serve this country that I love more than life, certainly I would.”


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