#MAGA: Five Self Evident Truths About @HillaryClinton And The FBI

Alright, here we go. The cowardly FBI decided not to prosecute Crooked Hillary Clinton for her obviously illegal private server while she was Secretary of State. Repeat after me: Obviously Illegal Private Server. Only a member of our permanent political class could skew this farcical investigation to benefit Hillary Clinton. Crooked Hillary. The Mother of political prostitutes and abominations of the earth. Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Great Whore of America’s permanent political class.

Question. Did this investigation really benefit Crooked Hillary Clinton? Did this investigation benefit the ultimate political prostitute? Or did this investigation expose the ultimate political prostitute? Did this investigation benefit a woman with zero inner beauty? Or did this investigation expose a woman with zero inner beauty? Never forget: this is a woman so ugly on the inside, that she lied to the faces of families watching their dead children come home in caskets. This is a woman who’s very own congressional testimony proves she knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and had nothing to do with a you-tube video.


Answer. This investigation did not benefit Hillary Clinton. This investigation exposed a woman, “With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication”.

Normal Americans know Hillary Clinton is guilty. Real Americans know Hillary Clinton is guilty. Real Americans must rise up and not allow Crooked Hillary, and her media lapdogs, to white-wash her FBI investigation. Never Forget: the FBI investigation did not clear Hillary of the charges against her. The FBI investigation simply did not recommend prosecution for Hillary Clinton’s crimes against our country.

Below are 5 simple take-a-ways from the FBI investigation. These 5 simple take-a-ways can be used to infiltrate and influence outside your comfort zone to empower others to take a stand against the Left’s devastating fundamental transformation of America.

1). Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling American secrets.

2). No normal person believes emails on a private server is appropriate or acceptable for the Secretary of State.

3). 110 emails on her private server were classified at the time they were sent. This proves Hillary Clinton lied, and the former Secretary of State knowingly endangered our national security.

4). Hillary Clinton deleted work-related emails before she gave them to the State Department. Hillary Clinton told the whole world that she did not delete work-related emails before she gave them to the State Department.

5). The FBI said it’s likely foreign governments hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails. This means, America’s enemies probably know important secrets about the U.S. government, and our national security; because of Hillary Clinton’s actions.

The media and the Clinton campaign will repeatedly say, “Hillary has been cleared”. Don’t let them get away with this BS. Enough is enough. Real Americans need to reclaim our government, our country, and our sacred rule of law.

BONUS: Yesterday a little bird texted me this little snippet:

Our adversaries almost certainly have a blackmail file on Hillary Clinton, and this fact alone disqualifies her from service

COMING SOON: Crooked Hillary Clinton will be indicted. At the ballot box.

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