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Kate Steinle (200x200)Kate Steinle Day

Mark Krikorian | July 1, 2016

One year ago today, Kate Steinle was killed in San Francisco by a previously deported felon protected by that city’s sanctuary policies. In the interim, neither Congress nor the administration has done anything to rein in these acts of nullification by states and localities against federal immigration law.

That may change next week, when the Senate is expected to vote on Kate’s Law, introduced last year by Ted Cruz and championed by Bill O’Reilly. The bill would establish mandatory minimum sentences for illegal aliens who, like Steinle’s killer, re-enter after having been formally deported. There’s nothing wrong with the bill, but it’s mainly symbolic — reentry after deportation is already a felony and the problem is that Obama’s Justice Department seldom prosecutes offenders. A more useful approach is contained in another bill possibly up for a Senate vote next week, sponsored by Pat Toomey, to cut off funds from sanctuary cities. Even if Harry Reid were to allow such a bill to pass, and Paul Ryan did likewise, Obama would veto it, but at least that would help clarify the stakes in November.

Steinle’s death was only one of many caused by the failure of immigration enforcement. (Read More)


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