Melania Trump Speechwriter Admits Responsibility!

July 20th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

After thirty-six hours of false allegations from Hillary Clinton’s ‘rush to judgment’ media allies, a speechwriter on staff with the Trump Organization has come forward to claim all responsibility for mishandling Melania Trump’s convention speech.


In a public letter released today, Meredith McIver explains that Melania Trump read to her over the phone a passage from a speech given by Michelle Obama. As an admirer of the current First Lady, Melania wished to share a similar sentiment with the American people in her speech.

McGiver admits to incorporating specific phrasing into the draft that became the final speech.

Hillary Clinton’s media allies who attempted to brand Melania Trump a plagiarist are now left with egg on their face. Their complete lack of even minimal journalism standards led them to make false accusations.

Bottom line: Media mouthpieces look like idiots.

The Bonus: This media uproar led many voters to view Mrs. Trump’s speech, who otherwise may not have taken the opportunity to view her remarks. What they saw was a poised woman who they will be proud to take into their hearts as First Lady.





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