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Bill of Rights (200x200)The Second Amendment Is the First Domino in the Toppling of the Bill of Rights

Michael N. Mattia | July 5, 2016

The recent typical Democrat faux hysteria over the shooting in Orlando has nothing to do with “gun control” but rather with “people control.” If they were serious they would address the ongoing situation in Chicago, where the gang murder rate attributed to illegal guns is out of control. The major objective of the Democrats is the elimination of the Second Amendment by extra-constitutional means in order to establish a precedent for eliminating the other 9 Amendments in the Bill of Rights..


When the arduous work of constructing the Constitution was finished the framers recognized one glaring omission. There was nothing in the document to protect the individual. Therefore they came up with the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. And recognizing the tendency of those in power to continually strive to attain more power they placed the Second Amendment regarding weapons in a place of prominence.

The Liberal/Progressive/Democrat cohort are not stupid, for the most part (there are always glaring exceptions) and they recognize that they would never be able to strike the Second Amendment and the right to gun ownership through the established process of actually amending the Constitution. So they are resorting to extra-constitutional attempts to accomplish that end. Through judicial activism, legislative bait and switch and executive actions they are striving to reach that ultimate goal: change the Constitution without adhering to the obstructive requirements of the Constitution itself.

If they are successful in negating the Second Amendment, then the other nine amendments will be fair game for elimination by fiat since a precedent has been set. The guarantees of the Bill of Rights will become null and void and government will be the only controlling power. The individual will become nothing more than a slave of the powerful. (Read More)


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