Newsmax | Obamacare Enrollment Down 1.6 Million

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Down Arrow (200x200)Obamacare Enrollment Down 1.6 Million

June 30, 2016

The number of people enrolled for Obamacare coverage this year decreased to 11.1 million by the end of March — down from the 12.7 million who signed up by the January deadline, new figures show.

A drop off in enrollment has happened before, and is partially caused by people who sign up for coverage by the deadline but then lose it because they do not pay their premiums, […]

Around 10 million people are expected to remain enrolled in Obamacare plans by the end of 2016.

People have also lost coverage because of issues due to citizenship or immigration paperwork.


According to The Hill, the Congressional Budget Office had at one point projected that 2016 enrollment would be as high as 21 million people — and critics have pointed to that disparity to argue the Affordable Care Act is underperforming. (Read More)


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