Russia and a Tale of Two Statements

Twitter is going crazy after Donald Trump’s press conference today and the media is throwing the DNC’s much needed press coverage into total disarray.

Cleverly, the 2016 Presidential candidate made lemonade out of lemons thrown at him by our current Commander-in-Chief, who, without any proof whatsoever suggested that Russian leader, Vladimir Putin could be hacking emails to help Donald Trump win the election.

CNN: Obama says it’s ‘possible’ Putin is trying to sway vote for Trump.

Of course over this statement, the media is willing to play lapdog and dismiss a sitting president’s empty, baseless accusation of possible treason against a current presidential candidate.

Flash forward to the next day, Donald Trump responded by suggesting if Russia is going through all this trouble anyway, they may as well send over Hillary’s deleted 30,000 emails.

CNN: Trump encourages Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

Trump’s comments marked an unprecedented appeal to a foreign country to essentially launch an espionage operation against a political opponent. They come as Democrats gathering for their convention in Philadelphia are already grappling with a hack of emails at the Democratic National Committee, which were later posted on WikiLeaks.

Or to give a visual picture, they’re all:



Bottom line: Trump was absolutely brilliant.  He fought back in a way Jeb! or Mitt could/would never.  He turned the president’s truly unprecedented charges completely upside down and is now getting lots of press coverage right in the middle of a week that was supposed to belong to Hillary and the Democrats.

If all this isn’t enough, enjoy Erick Erickson’s Twitter feed for an extra added bonus.

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