Sarah Palin: “Good to hear the GOP Convention is going well”

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“Make America Safe Again” Convention – So Far, So Good

From 3000 miles up North, it’s good to hear the GOP Convention is going well. It should strengthen faith that real hope and positive change can be on the way for the next generation.

I haven’t caught highlights of convention speeches yet so will peruse this site to catch up:…/four-gop-convention…/

I hear the convention TelePrompTer was abandoned during one speech last night, harkening back to the 2008 VP Nomination speech when the GOP Convention TelePrompTer let me just let ‘et rip:…/breaking-sarah-palin-winged-her-…/ Funny, while I was just now looking up ’08 media coverage of that broken TelePrompTer during my speech, it appears the lamestream media lied about the issue then, and still lies about it. The more things change, the more they stay the same with the LSM still just “making things up!” (And they wonder why they’re so distrusted and despised?) Because I have a life and I ignore the media haters, I’d been unaware all these years that reporters denied the TelePrompTer glitch ever happened. Silly, silly irrelevant reporters… did they really think some campaign speech writer fed the TelePrompTer my ad-libbed comments like the “Hockey Mom & Pitbull with Lipstick” joke?

Have a great day, America! Thinking of you under Alaska’s penetrating summer sun and today’s 70-degree forecast up here in God’s country!

Sarah Palin

“If there be trouble, let it be in my day so my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine






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