Sarah Palin: “Hillary’s America” a tremendously powerful new film

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We snuck out to Wasilla’s cinema, grabbed tubs of that buttery movie theatre popcorn & big gulp sodas the Left wants to outlaw, and took in the tremendously powerful new film, “Hillary’s America”. Kudos to Dinesh D’Souza for speaking truth to power in production of this film.

Watch it soon; bring friends who may be undecided in this election. Their awakening will impact our progress toward an exceptional America… or a Hillary America.

Watching this documentary was so mesmerizing, catching one profound point after another, that I didn’t even bug Todd to hit the lobby for popcorn refills.

In supporting DJT, I’ve asked for nothing. (Except the red “Make America Great Again” hat Trump sent my dad that’s now commendably unmovable from Dad’s cranium.) But I WILL finally request something from the campaign: please, all, watch the film. Absorb the gravity of the nation’s situation with democrat party leaders deceiving voters about their foundation and intentions. Our candidate can then speak more truth to empower Americans.

View the trailer below, and find a local showing here, and let me know what you think:

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