Tech Entrepreneur Peter Thiel: Our Economy Is Broken

July 22nd, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Paypal founder Peter Thiel addresses delegates on the final night of the Republican National Convention



“I build companies and I support people who are building new things, from social networks to rocket ships.

“I’m not a politician.”

“But neither is Donald Trump.”

“He is a builder, and it’s time to rebuild America.”

“Where I work in Silicon Valley, it’s hard to see where America has gone wrong.”

“My industry has made a lot of progress in computers and in software, and of course, it’s made a lot of money.”

“But Silicon Valley is a small place.”

“Drive out to Sacramento, or even across the bridge to Oakland, and you won’t see the same prosperity. That’s just how small it is.”

“Across the country, wages are flat.”

“Our economy is broken.”





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