Tomi Lahren: Hillary, what makes you think we are interested in a lecture from your lying mouth?

July 14th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Another Epic Final Thoughts Segment from Tomi Lahren


2016-07-13 Tomi Lahren - Hillary Clinton's Lying Mouth - Dallas police shooting (484x252)

“Hillary, what makes you think you speak for white people?”

“What makes you think we are interested in a lecture from your lying mouth?”

“What makes you think we need a lecture on white privilege from perhaps the whitest, most privileged woman in this country?”


2016-07-13 Tomi Lahren“We are mourning the lives of five of our cities finest, and you have the audacity to respond with how much better our police should be doing at their job!”

“Are you freaking kidding me!”

“For someone that was just under an FBI criminal investigation for your extremely careless handling of a State Department, you’re one to talk about justice and how others should do their job?”

“You can’t handle emails, for goodness sakes, so don’t start with that garbage!”

“We all know what you’re doing here, cause your mouth does two things, and two things only.”

“It lies, and it panders.”


“Go write an email on your secret server, or go cash a Clinton Foundation check from your buddies in the Middle East. That would be a far better use of your time.”


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