Tomi Lahren: Pantsuit Deep in the DNC

July 28th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


We are pantsuit deep in the DNC folks. Nauseous yet?


2016-07-26 Tomi Lahren - Pantsuit Deep in the DNC (484x252)

“Everyone says how much they love Hillary Clinton, when in reality that’s probably not the case.”

“We heard from Bernie Sanders. Poor guy got F’d by the DNC, but he doesn’t wanna die a mysterious death, so he played along.”

2016-07-26 Tomi Lahren“I’m still a little confused about the party’s agenda.”

“Pander > Gay Rights • Pander > Free Things”

“Pander > Black Lives Matter • Pander > Abortion”

“And of course, the everlasting Democratic goal of fighting weather, was also front and center.”

“So what was missing?”

“Radical Islamic terrorism perhaps?”

“I am a Republican, but I tend to believe ISIS is a bigger priority than weather change or access to late term abortions.”

“At the RNC, our party invites veterans, war heroes and police officers.”

“The DNC invites illegal immigrants.”


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