Tomi Lahren: Ted Cruz, What About Your Conscience?

July 23rd, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Tomi Lahren has some ‘Final Thoughts’ on Ted Cruz


“Ted, let me ask you about your conscience.”

“What do you think Hillary Clinton will do to this country?”

“Consult your conscience.”

2016-07-21_Tomi_Lahren“Does the thought of more regulation and bigger government give you peace of mind?”

“Does the complete government takeover of health care make you smile?”

“What does your conscience tell you about a liberal Supreme Court for the next forty years or more?”

“Or Ted, what about our military?”

“How does your conscience feel about sending more service members to the sandbox, strapped down like sitting ducks under rules of engagement that are not only dangerous, but ensure no end to this war.”

“How does that feel on your conscience?”


“Ted, last night you proved you have no interest in keeping America great.”

“You proved that you care more about your own political career than the millions of Americans who will be crushed by another Clinton administration”

“A speech drenched in self-interest, political ambition, and a push for Hillary Clinton.”

“I hope your conscience can live with that.”


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