#TRUMPTRAIN: This is America Senator @TimKaine SPEAK AMERICAN!

Speak American

Crooked (and stupid according to the FBI) Hillary Clinton selected Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia to be her running mate. Senator Kaine doesn’t seem to understand that in America, we speak American.

I have a message for the newly minted running mate of the old crone.

Estimado Senador Kaine,

Por nombrar solo lugar en el mundo donde los ciudadanos no necesitan aprender el idioma de ese país para sobrevivir ? Si usted dice Gran Bretaña , usted es un hombre muy estúpida .

Hola estúpida marioneta, esto es América , habla de América .


sarah palin-speak american II

When an American citizen moves to Mexico, she or he is expected to learn to speak Spanish. In Mexico, people speak Spanish. In America, we speak American. This isn’t hard to understand.

The Government of Mexico does not bend over backwards (so far that they can kiss their own butts like Senator Kaine and Hillary Clinton do) to pander to and accommodate people who refuse to learn to speak the appropriate language. The Government of Mexico expects it’s citizens to speak Spanish.

Multi-Cultural-ism has failed.

Hyphenated Americans have failed even more. In fact, the concept of Hyphenated Americans have brought division, envy, and now violence to America.

When foreign nationals legally immigrate to our country, there is a responsibility that comes with legal American citizenship. It is the duty of all Americans to assimilate into society, retain their heritage and orientations, and live together side by side as American citizens. This is how America works. This isn’t hard to understand. We are all individuals with different backgrounds, different customs, different orientations, and different self-identities. But, we are all Americans.

Speak American.



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