Breitbart | Glenn Beck Pandered to Black Lives Matter Just Prior to Milwaukee Riot

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August 14, 2016

Glenn-beck-straitjacketGlenn Beck Pandered to Black Lives Matter Just Prior to Milwaukee Riot

Many Americans still put their faith in Glenn Beck’s comments on politics and culture. He spent years trying to build up credibility and likability, and in the process has misfired on both. When Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz brought teddy bears and soccer balls to the border to greet illegal alien children coming into America, it was seen by many as the sort of pandering grandstanding that led those same people to question the sincerity of Beck.

While Glenn Beck would like people to believe he’s insightful, critics of Black Lives Matter don’t need his hectoring. The reason many people—including black critics of Black Lives Matter like Sheriff David Clarke—say “All Lives Matter” in response to “Black Lives Matter” is to reject the underlying notion of identity politics.

That’s because “Black Lives Matter” is, at root, nearly a way to keep the politics of identity in play. The founder’s own stated goal is to rebuild the Black Liberation movement. Garza writes:

We are living in a culture where shouting Black Power is not only accepted, but a sort of hipster cool. NPR gave Glenn Beck their microphones because he’s anti-Trump and he used it to try and curry favor as a moderate, friendly conservative.


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