Governor Palin Exposing ‘Fat Cats’ in Op Ed

Governor Palin links to an article she penned at IJR.

Peter Schweizer’s New York Times best-selling investigation Clinton Cash is now out as a documentary. After Democrats convened in Philadelphia to coronate Hillary Clinton, it’s worth a watch to understand how corrupt Clinton and her band of crony insiders really are when it comes to using power for their own personal benefit.

I’ve had the honor of working with Peter Schweizer over the past decade and appreciate his intelligence and experience; so impressive is his education background at George Washington University, Stanford and Oxford. Most commendable is this man’s fairness and gracious way of informing America with just the facts, ma’am.


Wake up, America. This is a dangerous game they play while ignoring the nation’s real needs for security. Take, for example, the $165 billion in American arms sales to authoritarian regimes that turned around and donated a ton of cash to the Clintons. (And these weapons often end up in the enemy’s hands because our weak administration doesn’t require accountability. Fast and Furious, anyone?)

Or consider the $145 million the Clintons bagged from investors as Hillary’s State Department committed one-fifth of our nation’s entire uranium production to them! Our own uranium sold to characters who’d potentially enrich it…leading to nukes…leading to the good guys’ destruction.

Read much more of the Governor’s article here.

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