In Claiming Her Diminished Clout, Washington Times Holds Palin to an Elevated Standard

On the same day that People Magazine shared Governor Palin’s “adorable photos” of Trig, the Washington Times told its own story of Palin’s allegedly lost political “clout.”  Of course this is probably the 100th political obituary she’s endured since 2008.  Yet it seems to only suggest her political relevance as it holds her to a different standard than others who would fall into the same woe-are-they category based on Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) primary win where he comfortably defeated his Palin-endorsed challenger, Paul Nehlen.

Yes, it’s true that Palin jumped in very early (as she often does) and endorsed Ryan’s challenger.  It’s also true that she understands the risks involved in putting her name on the line in such a way.  Even though most of her candidates win, sometimes they lose.    And she knows that the establishment will use such losses to suggest she’s losing influence.

As we know it, however, the fact that they rush to such judgment on the basis of one primary election seems to prove her record of effectiveness as a free agent over the years.  Of course we all remember Ted Cruz when he proclaimed he “wouldn’t be in the U.S. Senate today if it weren’t for Governor Sarah Palin.”

Many others unsuccessfully endorsed Paul Ryan’s challenger as well.  They include popular conservative pundits who’ve been around for a very long time: folks like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly and others.  Nevertheless Ryan was a powerful incumbent and endorsing him carried an assumed challenge for all that were willing to take on that fight.

Are we to expect articles to surface claiming the demise of these longtime conservative activists?  Of course we wouldn’t.

After all, each of these ladies (including Governor Palin) are the continued guts of conservatism.  They love challenges.  They enjoy putting their names on the line and rallying their supporters to their causes which mostly circle the common idea of having a party that truly represents its base of decent, ordinary Americans who are fed up with the political class in D.C.

Additionally, Paul Nehlen was not the only conservative Governor Palin has endorsed recently.  She also endorsed conservative Darryl Glenn who wound up winning his bid for U.S. Senate in Colorado despite having little money and an all-volunteer staff.

Further, Governor Palin jumped in early and endorsed the now-GOP nominee for president, Donald J. Trump before any contests were held in the primary.  With her help (and with the voters behind him), Trump successfully took out powerful political players like Jeb Bush as well as 15 other politicians and their accompanying special interest donors who forked over millions of dollars for favors like continued open borders and other pay-to-play shenanigans.  Trump knew Palin’s endorsement would be successful.  He asked for it.  And he timed it accordingly.  The night of his Indiana primary victory speech where he became the presumptive nominee, he credited Governor Palin for all her help in his success.

Governor Palin remains a free agent even though she’s not been on the radar as intensely as she may have been in previous election cycles.  But the Trump endorsement/success along with Darryl Glenn proves her name to be a continued campaign asset for anyone taking on the establishment.

So one primary loss by one endorsed-candidate proves it’s over?  If not, apparently Ken Crow believes that she couldn’t draw in 25,000-attendee rallies anymore while comparing them to events of the past.  Well we wouldn’t really know.  She hasn’t held any lately.  She’s not been out there and as active as she’s been in previous years.  So what?

Have these “experts” ever considered that it simply might be her choice to involve herself minimally this time around?  That maybe she wants to spend more time with her family?  And maybe — just maybe — she’s earned the political credit to pick and choose when she gets involved and when she doesn’t?

After Obama’s initial White House win discouraged conservatives, Governor Palin turned her focus to Congress for a reason.  Nicole Coulter wrote at C4P back in 2011:

“As Governor Palin has said time and again, Congress holds the purse strings. Congress passes budgets. Congress has the power to repeal Obamacare and reform entitlements and accomplish real change. Congress confirms judges and cabinet officials. Congress passes the laws that the executive branch must enforce.”

Since way back then, Palin has lined both houses of Congress and governor’s mansions across the country with dozens of good conservatives.  Today she seems to know that we need a president capable of working with these folks even if some of them have let us down.  It’s their jobs now to defend their records as they seek reelection.

Writers at the Washington Times must know they haven’t been the ones who’ve accomplished these things over the last eight years.  She has.  As such, they couldn’t possibly be held to the higher standard they continue to hold her to.

She’s earned the street cred to decide when she gets involved, when she doesn’t, and to what extent if she does.  And that’s exactly what she’s done in 2016.

In the meantime, we should let the lady enjoy some time with her family.  She’s no doubt earned the satisfaction of the impact she’s made with her hard work.  Predictably though you can be sure that random pundits and “experts” will continue to speculate about it.

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