#LockHerUp: Crooked @HillaryClinton Is Bad For Israel; Will Not End Wars

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It’s no secret that the State Department has a history of being Anti-Semitic. Crooked Hillary Clinton and the <meow> man she worked for, “President” Obama, have taken this basic history lesson and thrown gasoline on it.

In order to fully understand how bad for Israel Hillary Clinton would be, we need to consider a few things. We could start with Obama’s Iran Deal, Obama’s Iransom, Hillary starting a war in Libya, and Hillary Clinton’s creation of ISIS, but it’s best to first take a look back a couple of decades.

via U.S. Diplomacy:

Since the Second World War, the U.S. Foreign Service has benefited from the extraordinary area expertise and professionalism of a cadre of officers, often referred to as “Arabists,” serving in the countries of the Near East within the region of the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA).  Informed by deep knowledge of the history, politics and culture of the Arab world and often highly fluent in the Arabic language, their insights and cross-cultural skills have served as a rich resource for American diplomacy.

Valuable though their reports from the field have been, the Arabists as a group have also been charged with “clientitis” – being too sympathetic to the views of their subjects – especially when their interlocutors represent despotic regimes, espouse extreme versions of Islam or express virulent anti-American or anti-Israel views.  Like the FSO “China hands” of World War II who described the growing strength of the Chinese Communists, the Arabists, while seeking to promote the national interests of the United States, have on occasion fallen prey to U.S. domestic political forces beyond their control – tainted by their reporting of unwelcome messages, by a popular image of elitist fascination with exotic and dangerous cultures, and by favoring policies out of favor in Washington.

Given the intense and volatile nature of relations between Israel and its neighbors, as well as the dynamics of U.S. domestic politics, it was perhaps inevitable that officers dedicated to understanding and reporting on a region, culture and religion unfamiliar to most Americans, even leaders in Washington, would be open to charges of lacking equal “understanding” and sympathy for Israel.  However, Arabists then and now contend that they, perhaps more than others, appreciate the complexities and pervasiveness of the Palestinian Arab/Israeli conflict on U.S. relations with and policies toward the Middle East.  While recognizing the legitimate security needs of Israel, they advocate an equitable settlement of that conflict.

Charges of Arabist bias gained currency when details became known of anti-Jewish attitudes within the State Department during the 1930s, of hard-nosed application of U.S. policies on visas for Jews seeking to flee Hitler’s tyranny and of adamant opposition to U.S. support for the state of Israel (with President Harry Truman overriding Secretary of State George Marshall and his other senior diplomatic advisors in 1948 to make the United States the first nation to recognize that country).

In those early days, however, most Americans paid little attention to the details of developments in the Middle East.  Then, during the 1950s and 1960s, as it became clear that the Arab-Israeli conflict was not only continuing but intensifying, the American public, and especially the U.S. Congress, became more involved in U.S. Middle East policy.  They began to pay more attention to what they perceived as advice by State Department Arabists serving in Washington and at embassies abroad.

Although many Arabs regarded the U.S. posture toward Israel and its neighbors as even-handed on occasions, such as the Suez Crisis of 1956, the Arab public and governments became increasingly critical of Washington’s policies.  As U.S.-Israel relations became much more intimate after the Israeli victory in the Six Day War of 1967, ultimately evolving into a de facto alliance, Arabists reporting this trend sometimes felt that their warnings about the dangers to U.S. interests of growing Arab hostility were being ignored.

The Arabists’ objectivity, moreover, has been questioned by those (in Congress and elsewhere) who have felt that they were too ready to explain the thinking and actions of Arab governments (or spokespersons from the Palestinian community) and too harsh in their judgments of Israeli thinking and actions.

The next thing we need to take a serious look at is that President Obama and Hillary Clinton do not call ISIS…ISIS. They call it ISIL. Why? The media, and everyone else, calls ISIS…ISIS. Why do Obama and Hillary continue to use the term ISIL?

The answer is really simple: Calling ISISISIL is an insult to Israel.

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant. The L in ISIL stands for The Levant. It’s only logical to ask ourselves this simple question: What is The Levant?

Shockingly The Levant is a map of the region that DOES NOT INCLUDE ISRAEL!


Israel does not exist in The Levant. It’s all Palestine. Israel has no right to exist? WTF?

Just when we think this couldn’t get any worse…it does.

via World Tribune:

Hillary Clinton was board member of company that did business with ISIL

Hillary Clinton served on the board of directors of a French company that is under investigation for reportedly paying Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) to protect the company’s business in Syria. The company also regularly bought oil from the terror group, according to Syrian opposition news reports.

LaFargeHolcim, known as LaFarge, is a cement company and a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) partner.

The company confirmed to Breitbart News that “Clinton served as a board member of the company (from 1990-92), and that the company partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2014.”

Financial records show that the company donated between $50,001 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Donald Trump campaign.

A June report by the French daily Le Monde revealed that LaFarge, a world leader in construction materials, “paid taxes to ISIL middlemen, as well as other armed groups in Syria, to protect its cement business operations in the country.”

A previous report by Zaman al-Wasl, an independent  news outlet run by elements of the Syrian opposition, revealed that LaFarge had also regularly bought oil from ISIL.

According to Breitbart, Al-Wasl’s investigation, published in February, “was based on internal documents and emails from the company. Al-Wasl reported that the CEO of Lafarge Cement Syria, Frederic Jolibois, had personally instructed his firm to make payments to ISIL.”

An American Spectator article from 1996 reported that LaFarge helped funnel weapons to Saddam Hussein during President Bill Clinton’s tenure:

LaFarge “provided key services for the covert arms export network that supplied Saddam Hussein. To prevent exposure of that secret supply line, and collateral damage to Hillary Clinton – who joined Lafarge board in 1990, just as the arms pipeline was being shut down… the Justice Department was told to bury the investigation… But investigators from other U.S. government agencies who worked on the case say they were ‘waved off’ whenever they got too close to exposing the direct involvement of the intelligence community in the arms export scheme.”

Wow. WTH is going on?

via Breitbart:

Not even Clinton’s best defenders can name one thing she has done for Israel. She has embraced the antisemitic Black Lives Matter movement, which accuses Israel of “genocide.” And she not only supported the Iran deal, but also chose a running mate who boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 speech against it.

Can we take four more — eight more — years of being hostages?

And the indirect hostages are the State of Israel, which is in constant danger of attack by Iran or its terrorist proxies; as well as the Jewish people as a whole, whom Iran continues to target in word and in deed.

Israel’s vulnerability was laid bare this week when it was revealed that Russian warplanes are using a base in Iran to launch attacks inside Syria. In the past, Israel has tried to thwart the delivery of advanced Russian S-300 missiles to Iran as a “red line,” since the missiles would make any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, if necessary, more difficult. Instead of crossing that line, Russia has just walked around it. Putting Russian air assets inside Iran risks a wider conflict if Israel ever strikes.

Hillary Clinton in jail

Crooked old Hillary Clinton strikes again!

The wars in the middle east have been started, it’s time to end them. It’s time to win them.

It’s obvious to any normal American that Hillary Clinton will not end the wars in the middle east. The wars must end. The wars must be won, and then, NO MORE NATION BUILDING. We must reject Hillary’s Globalism and put America First.

It’s time to clean up the mess in DC, clean up the rigged system, and clean up the mess in the middle east, and put America First.

Crooked old Hillary Clinton, bad for Israel, bad for America, and bad for the world.


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