#MAGA: What’s Wrong With @HillaryClinton ? Loose Cannon? Mentally Unstable?

Hillary If you feel stupid

Once again we find ourselves asking the question What is wrong with Hillary Clinton? The American voter is entitled to a truthful answer to this basic question. Two weeks ago, in our article The Disturbed Mind Of Hillary Clinton, we reminded American voters about potential physiological and psychological issues with Hillary Clinton’s current state of health.

We’ve all read the reports about her blood clots, her concussions, her coughing fits, her fainting, her blood thinner Rx‘s, and the possibility that Hillary suffered ‘brain damage’ when she fell and sustained a head injury in December 2012.

Yesterday, in our article we used Charles Woods quote, “Either Hillary Is a Liar or Has a Bad Memory From Head Injury“, to explore possible explanations as to why on earth Hillary Clinton would say she held no “ill feeling” toward the families whose children were murdered in Benghazi because their memories must just be fuzzy.

Sooo…Hillary starts a war in Libya, American soldiers and our ambassador get killed, and Hillary holds no ill feelings to the soldiers parents because their memory is fuzzy? O.M.G. What’s wrong with her?

Today we find ourselves asking exactly the same question we asked yesterday. What is wrong with Hillary?

At a recent campaign rally in Nebraska, Hillary told her diminishing followers:

“I’m telling you right now, we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!” – Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wants to write fairer rules for the middle class by raising taxes on middle class families? WTF? REALLY Hillary? Let’s take a moment and think about what just happened. The Democrat nominee for President of the United States of America publicly admitted that she will RAISE taxes on MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES. Wow. What’s going on here? Democrats aren’t supposed to say things like that. Democrats are supposed to pretend they support the middle class and then demonize hard working successful citizens. What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Hillary almost called Donald Trump HER HUSBAND:

Repeat after me: What. Is. Wrong. With. Hillary. Clinton. ??? (x3)

It gets worse. After getting caught lying on national television about the congressional testimony of the FBI Director, Crooked Hillary tried to explain her lie in the word salad below. The Great Whore said “I may have short circuited”. What does that even mean?

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Is Hillary Clinton simply a loose cannon? Or maybe the explanation to Hillary’s unstable behavior is one of the possibilities we explored yesterday.

But what exactly is wrong with Hillary? Is she simply a liar? Is she purely motivated by money and power? Does her mind reconcile her blatant corruption, and incompetence, with a profane hybrid of moral relativism and elitism? Is she just a bitch? Is she mentally unstable?

Whatever it is that is wrong with Hillary Clinton; one thing is certain. Hillary Clinton is 100% unfit to be the president of the United States of America. Something is wrong with Hillary. We may or may not get a straight answer. But we do deserve to know what’s wrong with this woman.

GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is asking the same question. Check out this new TRUMP 2016 campaign video:

Stay tuned for more.

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