#TrumpTrain: Wicked @HillaryClinton Supporters Throw Dog Poop At #LGBT Trump Supporters


Soooo…on Friday, in West Hollywood, a spontaneous TRUMP rally took place. Happy and diverse TRUMP supporters gathered to exercise their right to peacefully assemble.


Then the Wicked Witch (also know as Hillary Clinton) sent her flying monkey’s to attack them. But this time, the Witch’s flying monkey’s did something much worse than what they did to poor little Dorothy.

What happened next, like Hillary herself, wasn’t pretty.


Hillary supporters threw Dog poop!


O.M.G! Dog poop! REALLY? WTF? And we’re the crazy ones? Screw you Hillary!

Gays-for-Trump Arabs too

via Danger and Play:

Yesterday in West Hollywood, California, an impromptu Twitter “flash rally” organized by @BakedAlaska via a single Tweet drew a larger, more diverse crowd than Hillary’s recent political rally.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s most recent rally, which even had some people bused in, drew a sparse crowd of bored, low-energy attendees.

Hillary supporters threw food, full cans of Monster, eggs, and even dog poop at #WeHoTrump rally attendees.

Hillary supporters violently attacked multiple #WeHoTrump rally attendees, including gay Trump supporters. Two women were arrested. I’ll be following their court case closely.

Why is the complicit media not covering this?

The mainstream media is covering up the truth about Hillary’s rallies. No one is showing up!


Donald Trump has been having rallies for over a year in filled arena’s. 20,000 people at a time are coming to watch history in the making. Hillary on the other hand needs the complicit media to drag her along, prop her up, and create the illusion that people give a crap about her antiquated status quo campaign.

Check this video out below. The complicit media gets caught carrying Hillary Clinton’s poop bucket for her (again). 


Hillary’s health is in decline and her supporters are desperate, especially when those who want to make America great again are smiling, happy, higher energy, and enthusiastic.

Trump-Rally-West-Hollywood II

Read the whole article and watch the videos HERE.

Hillary Witch on broom cartoon

Sun Tzu tells us that battles are won before they begin. Is this why Hillary Clinton, her Democrats, and her complicit media is FREAKING OUT over Donald J. Trump? Is this what makes “I’m With Her” freaks throw dog poop?

Whatever the reason is, Donald Trump is making a difference. A big difference.

#DitchTheWitch, it’s time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Our work continues…

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