#ClintonCollapse: Declining Rickety @HillaryClinton Faints On Camera


Everybody knows about Hillary’s blood clots, Hillary’s concussions, Hillary’s coughing fits, Hillary’s fainting, Hillary’s blood thinner Rx‘s, and the likelihood that Hillary suffered ‘brain damage’ when she fell and sustained a head injury in December 2012. But we’re not supposed to talk about it. In fact, we get in trouble if we do talk about it.

For several months now the Democrats, the complicit media, and Hollywood hussy’s like Sarah Silverman, have been screeching that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton is fit as a fiddle”. “Hillary Clinton is just fine”. “Hillary Clinton is in excellent health”. Any deviation from this obvious lie is met with accusations of, “that’s crazy“, “that’s a conspiracy theory“, or “that’s sexist“.

Well. Guess what? None of those things are true. They are all lies. The truth is very simple: Hillary Clinton is sick as a dog and totally unfit to serve as president. Everything. Changed. Today.

via Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists – emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer’s sure-thing candidate is teetering at the worst possible moment.

The incident, captured on cellphone video showing the wobbly Democratic candidate being lifted into the vehicle by her aides after leaving a memorial service at the site of the World Trade Center attack, comes after two weeks of tightening polls that have seen Trump close to within striking distance nationally and in some battleground states.

Yup. Now we’ve got proof. On video. And it ain’t pretty.

As any sane person can see in the video above, Hillary Clinton is not fit as a fiddle. Hillary Clinton is not fine. Hillary Clinton is not in excellent health.

Hillary Clinton is sick as a dog. It is an insult to our intelligence to tell us that everything is ok with tired, sick, unstable Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve as president. This isn’t hard to understand.

It is a sin and a shame that her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, doesn’t do something about her mothers serious illness. We all know that Bill Clinton won’t do a thing, he wants back in the White House come hell or high water. We all know that Hillary Clinton would have to be physically pulled off the national stage kicking and screaming (while being propped up by her handlers and growing team of doctors) before she would admit that she is unfit to serve as president. But Chelsea Clinton seems to be a normal, rational human being. I really hope that today’s unfortunate health episode, rings a bell for Chelsea and she takes her mothers health condition seriously. Chelsea needs to be a good daughter and take care of her Mama.

The ball is in your court Chelsea. Do something. Do the right thing and get your Mom some help.

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