Coulter: ‘Media Invented Lie,’ Trump Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability


Just when you think the media could not possibly become more loathsome, the Fourth Estate bullies prove you wrong again. The Washington Post’s latest ugliness was to exploit the disability of a newspaper reporter in order to smear the Republican nominee for president. Then — and this is the least surprising part of the story — the Post lied about it.

Other than the subject of that paragraph — which I slyly switched from Trump to the media — that is an exact paraphrase of the Post’s opening lines from an editorial hawking the media’s most successful lie about Donald Trump: that he mocked a man for being disabled.

I have a chapter on that lie in my new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, It was perfectly obvious that Trump was not mimicking any disability that Serge has, but I didn’t have the smoking gun to prove that the media were lying and knew they were lying. Now we have it.

A group called Catholics 4 Trump has posted a video clip of another part of that same speech, in which Trump imitates a flustered general. Guess what? He does the exact same arm flailing.

In another speech, Trump pretended to be a timorous Ted Cruz. Again, he does the exact same arm flailing. You can see the videos here:

Neither the general nor Cruz is disabled.

The sad thing is that the Republican establishment is just as guilty for this lie which allowed the Democrats to pick the narrative up after the primary.  It’s no wonder that big money donors are flocking from Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton.  They’re part of that establishment mold along with the media who continue to make things up.

Additionally, as I have pointed out before, Cruz supporters still help to perpetuate this lie as they’re cranky about (still) losing the primary.  Nevertheless, the media (and Republicans in the primary) began haranguing Trump over this blatantly false narrative back in November!  Not one month later, still thinking he could capitalize on Trump’s energy, did Ted Cruz tweet out: “Donald Trump is terrific” on December 11th.

I don’t wish to rehash old wars with Cruz supporters.  However, they’re still doing their best to sabotage our nominee.  There’s nothing wrong with reminding them about inconvenient facts about a dirty narrative of convenience that they helped create and hand over to the Democrats.

Read Catholics4Trump’s coverage here: Washington Post Deletes Video Showing Trump Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability

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