#DebateNight: The Witch With A Capital B? Did @HillaryClinton Change Her Image?


via The Washington Examiner:

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was not impressed with Hillary Clinton’s performance this week against GOP nominee Donald Trump at the first presidential debate.

“The two main things that I think ordinary people saw, are Trump demonstrated his earned position as a major party nominee; he had every business, every right being up there,” Limbaugh said on his radio program Tuesday.


“And a lot of people were applauding what he was saying up there last night. And Hillary? She came off exactly as many people see her: A witch with a capital ‘B,'” he added.



Hillary Clinton has been a career politician for 30 years. Her image is firmly established in the minds of the American people. Guess what? America has hated Hillary Clinton for 30 years.


via The National Review:

Lest we forget, this is the person who, as first lady of Arkansas, turned a $1,000 commodity-futures investment into a $100,000 windfall ten months later. Asked about her extraordinary investment strategy, she explained that she studied the Wall Street Journal. It was revealed later she had the obliging help of James Blair. He was outside counsel to Tysons Foods, one of Arkansas’s biggest businesses. Appearance of corruption?

Ok. That’s a start. Got anything else?

Mrs. Clinton participated in disparaging the characters of women who accused Bill Clinton of harassment. Feminist icon?

Hmmm…That makes sense. Kinda Witchy if you ask me. Got anything else?

This is the woman who “lost” the Rose Law Firm billing records that were under subpoena for two years. The records proved that she lied when she denied participation in a sham land deal. This is the woman who fired seven White House travel-office employees and ruined some of their lives by charging financial improprieties, just in order to give patronage jobs to her friends. Did I mention that she denied involvement in their persecution? A memo surfaced later proving that she lied, and that it was a Hillary show from the start.

Yikes. That’s pretty Witchy too. Got anything else?

Her corrupt approach to power has been further unmasked this year. The e-mail arrangement violated State Department policy and arguably the law, perhaps endangering national security. The Clinton Foundation’s contributions (and Bill’s speaking fees) seem to have blossomed under her tenure at State. She lied about Benghazi — even to grieving family members — because a terror attack was a political liability and had to be spun as a protest gone wrong.

Wow. The facts above are the epitome of a Witch with a capital B. Got anything else?

Is Hillary Clinton truly a centrist on foreign policy? She stood by President Obama’s utterly disastrous policies in Syria (though leaks suggest she favored arming the anti-Assad rebels), and toward Russia. She could have resigned. She berated Binyamin Netanyahu and has maintained a close relationship with Israel-basher Sidney Blumenthal, though she has pushed back against the BDS-supporting Sanders delegates to the Democratic Convention. Worst of all, she participated in and continues to defend the Iran deal — surely the worst debacle of the Obama years.

Holy Moley! Only a Witch with a capital B could pull this crap off. Got anything else?

She is whatever she feels the need to be in the moment: pro– and anti–free trade, anti– and pro–same-sex marriage, anti– and pro–raising the minimum wage, and pro– and anti–drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Where she is consistent, it does her no honor. She warned abortion opponents moved by faith that their “religious beliefs” would “have to change.” Even her most devoted admirers must wonder how far they can trust a person in whom shreds of integrity cannot be detected with a microscope.

That’s not presidential. That’s witchy.

The American electorate is mad. Mad at politicians. Why? Because the country is a mess and it is the politicians who made the mess. That’s not my opinion. It just is.

The big question last night was: who is going to fix the mess? There are two choices. Another politician? Or a private citizen who was not involved in making the mess.


Donald Trump had one job to do last night. Trump had to show that he was a plausible alternative to America’s most hated career politician who actively participated in making America into a mess. He did it.

Hillary Clinton had one job to do last night. Hillary had to change her image. She didn’t do it.


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